Chiropody and Podiatry

The term chiropody/chiropodist has been in use since the 18th century combining the Latin and Greek words for hand and foot.

The title Podiatrist/ Podiatry was adopted in the USA in 1958 for all practitioners but not so in the UK. In 1993 the Society of Chiropodists added Podiatrists to there title and it is now used by most modern practitioners, it is expected the term chiropodist will fall from use eventually, however it is still causing confusion with the public.

In the McKerrow Practice the Podiatrists are all trained to degree level and we offer a range of treatments from routine care of callous, corns, ingrown toe nails and thickened toe nails to Swift microwave therapy for verrucae, we also perform nail surgery and electro surgery (permanent removal of long standing corns or verrucae) where appropriate.

Pain in the lower limb/aching feet

Patients often have a variety of symptoms and are unsure who to see for help, symptoms such as arch pain, heel pain, ankle pain, shin pain, knee pain, hip pain and low back pain may be caused by abnormal foot function.

Diagnosing and treating these conditions is known as clinical biomechanics and may involve the use of in shoe devices known as foot orthotics. Many recurring sports injuries may be attributed to abnormal foot function.

Mr McKerrow is one of a growing number of podiatrists in the U.K. to have a Masters Degree in Sports Injury and Therapy from Manchester Metropolitan University, he is consultant Podiatrist to the Highland Institute of Sport and also works with players from both Scottish League football teams in the Highlands.  He specialises in the supply of casted functional orthotics/sport orthotics as well as a variety of off the shelf devices and has over 30 years of clinical experience in this field.

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