Fungal Nail Infections – Clearanail


Fungal nail infections or onychomycosis are the same infection as Athletes foot. In fungal nails the infection has become established beneath the nail.



The location of the fungal infection under the nail plate is what makes it much harder to treat than Athletes foot as most topical treatments cannot penetrate to the nail bed.


Oral medications can be affective however they may have adverse effects on the liver might not be suitable for many patients.


The Clearanail system works by drilling 0.4mm wide holes in the infected nail plate. These micro holes allow topical antifungals to reach the site of the infection.



The clearanail’s intellegent drill senses when it is reaching the nail bed and stops, reducing any discomfort and damage to the nail bed.


More information on the clearnail system can be found at



Clinical Research:
Bristow, I. & Score, M. Rapid clearance of sub-ungual onychomycosis by controlled micro penetration and topical terbinafine solution using the Clearanail device