Shin splints

Shin splints is name given to pain on the front of the shin.  There are two areas affected, posterior or medial (big toe side) approximately 70% of shin pain is in this area and anterior (front /outside) 30% in this area.  Generally posterior affect the lower 1/3rd of the leg and anterior the upper 2/3rd.

The more problematic are posterior and are generally caused by foot overpronation they are very effectively treated with the use of foot orthotics, this is because the muscle affected (Tibialus Posterior) controls the arch height and when the foot rolls in or pronates the arch height is lowered causing an overpull on this muscle resulting in pain at its origin.

Anterior shin pain is very often associated with an increase of activity level or mileage if  running, they are very common in hill runners and both types can be caused by activities or sports played on very hard surfaces.


shin splints